Knowing your various requirements and material representation is crucial. Our clientele is treated with care and consideration while maintaining a small-firm feel, and when needed, a high-quality team of creatives can be called in with the diverse skills necessary to solve any problem. No issue is too big or too small. 

     We're here for you until the job is complete, or we can be here for you on an ongoing basis, like doing your monthly newsletters, emails, and blogs. Regardless of the campaign size, whether you need emails, or you want long-form sales letters - we have your back for all your health care copywriting needs.

Take the approach which is focused on you and your customers.

     With the health care of people, just like with pet care, there are different needs and expectations. With the changing climate and constantly shifting paradigms, sometimes it feels like you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

     And like the industry that you represent, the copywriting industry is also changing. Content needs to be researched to stay relevant. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the necessary ingredient for a well-positioned website. The alternative health market is no different, regardless if it is a person or pet, whether it is a new sleep formula, the latest health formula, a microchip-enabled collar, or widget.

     Realizing that there is more at stake than just hiring a copywriter, we know you're hiring a partner to your marketing strategies - clear and concise communication, well-written content, complimentary graphic images, SEO, and deadlines. You need someone who will help to promote the business and growth plan for your company, so you can measure the progress, by providing the metrics needed to gauge your direct advertising needs.