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Millennials are waiting longer to start families, with child reproduction rates per capita being the lowest of any generation on record in U.S. history.


On the other hand, the Global Pet Expo of 2015reported that a larger percentage of the 75 million Millennials (defined as ages 18 to 34) in the U.S. own a pet, compared to their older Baby Boomers.   They are also more likely to own a dog or cat in the future - 75% more likely to get one while unmarried, without children.


In conclusion, a significant percentage of Millennials are becoming pet owners first, while waiting on previous customs. Just another reason to check out our next post on the new gear happening for pets. 


Want  6 proven scientific benefits from eating one fruit? In-

cluding clear skin and weight loss? Check out Dr. Axe, Food is medicine now!

​Read about the  six most common dog health problems from WebMD, including ear infections, flea infestation, and hot spots.

​Do these natural,  three things to delay dimentia. First time experts convened by the National Academy of Scientists have claimed doing these things may delay dimentia.

Here are the  eight most common cat health problems from WebMD, from litter box issues to tackling tapeworms.

And, to see the treatment of both people and pets working as one, check out WebMD's transcript on Pets and Bipolar disease, or BP, as it is sometimes called. Additional information on the disease is given there as well.

Cornell University holds a potential discovery for  a  defense  mechanism that can trap and kill TB bacteria featured in News Medical Life Sciences.


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4D's Copywriting crafted a 2-sided postcard for our office including all our information with a place to write patient appointments, so we could use it in office or send out. We then hired them to do another for our D.O.T. licensing. They included a coupon on that, paying special attention to minor details I hadn't considered. 4D's took our ideas and went a step further...Thank you!" Dr. J Balen D.C., Sarasota, FL

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