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We feel your input is vital. We can go over these verbally, or we can take any answers in writing. Please note that this is a generic form and some of the questions may not apply.
The highlighted items are most important and should be answered, even if the rest aren't applicable.

                                Questions about your Customer(s) and their Product:

Who, in your company, would be the most knowledgeable of the product/service you wish to promote & contact info?
What are your product's features and benefits? Please make a complete list.
3.  Which benefit do you feel is the most important?
How is your product different, and especially, if more than one product, which is most exclusive? 

5.  Do you have a feature you feel is better than your competitors?

6.  If not, do you have a quality feature that you feel is superior to your competitors?
7.  Are there technologies that compete with your product?
  Is there more than one application for your product?
What problems does your product solve?
10. How is your product positioned against the competition?
10.  Can you explain the way your product works?
11.  Please let us know how reliable your product is and how long it will last – battery operated/electric/solar etc.?
12.  How efficient is it?

13.  Is there a rating on the product?
14.  Is it easy to use and maintain?
15.  Do you have any testimonials regarding the product? 

16.  If so, what do they say?
17.  What material, size, and models are available?
18.  Is there quick delivery on the product-free delivery, or no delivery service?
19.  Does the manufacturer offer service and support?
20.  Is there a guarantee? If so, please let me know what your best guarantee could be.
21.  What market do you sell to?
22.  Why does your customer need your product?

23..  Why do they need it now?

24.   What is the customer’s primary concern when buying this product? Is it price, performance, reliability, efficiency, maintenance, etc.?
Who is buying your product? Who is your target audience?
What motivates the buyer to buy? What about your product would keep your customer up at night?
27.  Will the ad appeal to both an older and younger generation?

28.  Do you have a particular age group?
Do you have mailing lists of past campaigns?
30.  Do you have past campaigns that were run in magazines or as electronic promotions?

The next 3 questions have more to do with timing. In other words, are you currently working on some updates to your product, or are you soon to be launching a spin-off of an existing product? 

31.  How have you tried or would you like to try to improve on your product? Something specific?

32.  Is there something in particular that you would like to improve in the product's experience?

33.  What improvements would you like to see n the product's advertisement?

34.  Are there any questions you regarding the campaign that you'd like to add?

35.  Are there any questions that you have for me?

I look forward to talking to you soon.
Thank you for your input,

Diane Wallace