4/6/17  Wallace, Diane - Find Your Voice

Headline and Lead prepared for AWAI's Accelerated Program for 6-figure Copywriting

Find Your Voice,
Change Your Life Today

By writing simple words
Claim YOUR portion of this

$2.3 Trillion Market!

Dear Reader,

A $2.3 trillion statement about finding your voice may seem somewhat unbelievable. Yet, no one can deny or argue the fact. In fact, the amount keeps growing yearly…

It's a simply learned market that is hungry for people, like you and me, poised to succeed.
And the thing is, we have proof that learning this simple concept can bring about massive change. Not only in your financial status, but positive lifestyle changes as well…too numerous to put in a short paragraph.

Give me a minute, and I’ll explain.

Regardless of your Life’s Situation this can work for you

Take Sean McCool.

There was a time he couldn’t even fill his gas tank — he’d have to put a couple dollars in, hoping it would get him to next payday. This problem was on going. One he had to face on a regular basis.

Sean failed English twice before he got through high school and two years later, he flunked out of college. Changing jobs was a habit of his. 

Little did he know...he could net a hefty income, by investing a short amount of time and the courage to move forward.

Since then, his monthly income has never dipped below $10,000. He no longer frets about money and supports his family in a King-like manner…the past is just a distant memory.

Then there’s Mindy McHorse.

 Her story is quite different. She had the great money job with benefits and a management position.

 The problem was a boss who was horrid… long hours due to a long commute…boring spreadsheets all day…two puppies who weren’t getting the attention they deserved. She was living a very unfulfilled lifestyle.

Mindy, a corporate refugee, knows about business and was making the money she needed to succeed.

What she didn’t know was that she’d be making six-figures, increased available time, no more early morning wake-up calls, and a way to stay home with her pups…in one short year!

 The youngest of the three is twenty-three year old Catherine Cairns-O’Keefe. She is the definition of a free spirit.

After graduating from high school, she jumped from job to job — restaurant server, housekeeper, and night cleaner. But, she still couldn’t find her niche…

Starting at zero (which most of us do) and by being diligent, Catherine now has over a decade of substantial income and is now able to help her husband pursue freelancing as a comic book artist. They now have the freedom to pursue their goal - road trips with their pets.

 What do they ALL have in common? Stick around and I’ll tell you.

You see, when I said find your voice and write simple words, I meant just that. This is not a college master’s program in learning how to write. This is much…much easier. So easy in fact, that you don’t even need a high school education to learn the simple techniques needed to start landing high-paying clients.

But don’t be like me, who copped an attitude before I even began…take a minute to read this information. Even if it’s not for you, I’ll bet you know people that can benefit, and they will be forever grateful you've sent this their way.


1/1/2017  Wallace, Diane  4 Emails Specs, with choice of 3 Subject Lines, submitted

for an E-Blast Challenge to Launch new Weight loss Product
Subject:  Want To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting?
Subject:  I Was Doing The Steps While Pushing The Cart…
Subject:  Secret Weapons Guarantee Weight Loss…

 Hi  <FIRSTNAME>, It’s Diane from BestBody,

 I don’t know how your weight fluctuates, but I often hear people complain that they’re…up 20 pounds, down 10, up 10 pounds, down 5 — the yo-yo syndrome.

Join a gym and it’s a chore to drive the distance. Walk the neighborhood and you soon find yourself getting bored. Try setting up a group sport, and the players aren’t dependable. Workouts become inconsistent.

The problem with dieting and random exercise is that it’s NOT a permanent change. We need to find a fun, healthy LIFESTYLE, stay on a well-balanced meal plan and stick with it. It’s a fact…Exercise MUST BE FUN and food has to be ENJOYABLE or we tend to quit.

 I give you our secret weapons…Cowboy Stompin' Dance Sensation AND Divider Cups for your food. You’ll love the country western dance routines so much that you’ll never have to talk yourself into working out again…and you’ll get the tools to keep you on the right track — getting the results you want and need. INSERT LINK

You’ll be dancing the weight off in short, 30-minutes routines, with a schedule to keep you focused. And the 7, pre-measured containers are a no-brainer. Their correct portions, of your daily-allotted amount of food make your life easy…no more measuring spoons, cups or scales, EVER…just fill and eat.

The moves are so EASY AND ENJOYABLE they may even be done at a walk. I have to laugh…I found myself doing the steps, while I was pushing the cart through the grocery store. How can you help it with songs like “Bar Hoppin”, “Be My Baby Tonight” and “Young and Crazy”?

You’ll see the pounds melt away. Because you’re toning up, a loss of 20 pounds looks like 40. Your friends won’t know what happened to you. This summer you’ll be rushing to the store to get that new, designer bathing suit…and guys, no tees, you’ll want to show that 6-pack.
If you don’t believe me, check out the pictures inside.    INSERT LINK HERE (TESTIMONIAL)

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions…Make it a New Life Resolution.  Beginning today, start saving for your new wardrobe, because you’ll need it. You’ll also get the attitude to go with it…positive, uplifting and happy, because while you’re dancing these steps you can’t help but smile.

This time next year, or sooner, you’ll be the one in the skinny jeans, bikini at the beach, and muscle tees. You will be the one showing off your toned, new figure, six-pack, muscular bicep and toned legs.

In return, you and your friends will not believe what they are seeing…you will transform before everyone’s eyes. It will be the gift that gives forever…you may see stress relief, better sex drive, money savings, more friends, better sleep, better mood, clearer skin, a leaner mid-section, improved memory, a better wardrobe, decrease risk of disease and joint pain and improved blood sugar levels.

Check out the EXTRAS below. More information and BONUSES are on the inside, so I’ll see you there…    
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Wallace, Diane

Subject:  Eat Plenty & Burn More?
Subject:  Want Your BestBody  In Just 30 Minutes A Day?
Subject:  CowBoy-Girl Up And Take The Reins This Year…

Hey <FIRST NAME>, Diane here again from BestBody,

How often do you open the refrigerator door only to see that piece of pie begging “take me, take me?”  Or, that sliced lasagna sitting so pretty…the cookies on the counter…the chocolates in the cabinet? Those hard to resist temptations sometimes wreak havoc on our midsections.

Is this your year to get into optimum shape? What if you had all the tools you needed to succeed, including 24/7 support and a GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS or your money back?

Introducing BestBody’s Portion-control Containers and our latest exercise craze, Cowboy Stompin' Workout DVD’s                          …the program that sets us ahead of our competition.  INSERT LINK HERE

Fill-up our 7, pre-measured, labeled, color-coded containers — giving you the exact amount of food needed for your meals, taking the guesswork out of amounts. No more measuring spoons, cups or scales EVER AGAIN. Eat nourishing, great tasting, well-balanced meals and be more satisfied.

They work, because instead of snatching high-calorie, low-fuel foods, you’ll be grabbing what your body needs. If you don’t believe me check the results here… INSERT LINK HERE-TESTIMONIALS

Think about it — leaves more time to get on with what’s most important in your day…like going to the beach, hanging with friends…doing your workout, right?

And speaking of workout, here’s the best part...when you add our latest Cowboy Stompin" 30-Minute Workout WITH these Simple, Divider Cups and watch the sizzle and burn. With our simple system, you will get six-pack abs, chiseled calves and bulging biceps because you’re eating right while burning more. 


 The first thing you’ll notice (besides your loose clothing) is how good you feel. Your friends will compliment your looks…you’ll have an inexpensive wardrobe by just digging into the back of your closet. Or, splurge a little, buy new, gifting your new, gorgeous self. 
And, how much fun is it dancing to the latest Country Western Hits, like “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)”, “Cowboy Up!” and “Be My Baby Tonight”…none of those hard burpees, pull-ups and hip-hops here.

The dances, designed for a high-energy, low-impact workout, were choreographed to meet all ages and fitness levels. You can go top speed or at a slower pace, while still burning calories.

When you use the simple Containers, with our Cowboy Stompin'  Workout, you will have exactly what you need to reach your weight loss goals, by EATING RIGHT and BURNING MORE.    INSERT LINK HERE

This is the thing. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds, this system will work for you. We believe in you and this program so much that you don’t have to take a chance. That’s right. No Gamble. Try it for up to 30 days with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  

The price is locked-in for the next 30 days. Afterwards, I can’t promise what’s going to happen. We’re giving you first choice, since you’re already a customer of ours. So click the link below and get started today…


Lasso a partner, or do it on your own. CowBoy-Girl Up, and I’ll see you on the inside…

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Wallace, Diane

Subject:  Say NO To Gut Hangover…
Subject:  Boot-scoot Yourself To Your Perfect Size…

Subject:  Want To Get Into Those Skinny Jeans?

 Hey <FIRSTNAME>, Diane back from BestBody. Thought I’d talk to you about a little problem a lot of us experience but few talk about.

 I like to call it Gut Hangover. Have you ever had it? It’s similar to its neighbor, booze hangover. It doesn’t have the, ah hem, same affects and after affects, but still uncomfortable, right?
It’s what happens when we continue eating after we’re already full…also from eating the wrong foods. Whatever the case, when gut hangover strikes, because of our bloating pain, we usually commit to change, right?

 Well I have the answer for you. It’s BestBody’s latest program and it’s a combination formula GUARANTEED to work against gut hangover. Introducing Cowboy Stompin's Dance DVD’s and Container Tools .  INSERT LINK HERE

It’s hard to tell when we’ve reached our limits. Which is one reason for the Divider Cup tools, because often we don’t realize, without help, when to stop. Like when we eat a smaller plate of food, thinking we can add those 2 helpings of chocolate cake, and BOOM…Gut Hangover.
Our 7, color-coded cups let you know what to eat, without measuring spoons, cups or scales. Our Cowboy Stompin' Dance DVD’s give you the boot-scooting, country western, dance workout needed to build stamina, muscle, energy and all-around, good feel.   INSERT LINK HERE
With songs like “Young and Crazy” and “I Like It, I Love It”, it’s choreographed so you can start slow, if needed, and build up to your maximum speed.  

 Can you see yourself in those skinny jeans you have hanging in the back of your closet? Or the ones you’ve always wanted? Then…
Reclaim your health. Save money, have better sleep, clearer complexion and compliments…mega compliments, can all be yours. Your friends will not know what happened to you…there might be a confidence you’ve never had before.
Say goodbye to bloat pain forever with our new plan…a plan that guarantees success with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, but most of all…FUN.  

 You will no longer overeat, instead…eat the foods that are healthy for you, with the help of our Quickstart Guide, Recipes and Shaker Cup, which comes with your order…PLUS MORE.   INSERT LINK HERE
It’s a proven fact that weight loss, in conjunction with a stick-to-it workout plan, can not only get rid of Gut Hangover, but will build strong muscles and shrink belly fat. It can also  improve your memory, wardrobe and sex drive…So what are you waiting for?
Meet me on the inside and I’ll give you ALL the information,
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Wallace, Diane

Subject line: Lose Weight Without Help? Odds Say You Can’t…
Subject line: Barbara lost 25 pounds-You Can Too…
Subject line: Eat, Drink And Shrink To The Music…

 Hi <FIRSTNAME>, It’s Diane again from BestBody and Cowboy Stompin' Workout

 You hear it all the time — the only way you’re going to lose weight is to close your mouth and push away from the table.

 How easy is that? For most people near impossible, and it’s why we give up so easily. 

 The average person gains 7 pounds during the holiday…but it doesn’t have to be that way…not anymore.

 Welcome to Cowboy Stompin' Dance Heat Fitness Program and our 7, color-coded Divider Cup Tools. The fun way to put you back in control of your eating. We have a boot-scooting way to get you back on track — a Yee-Haw, Country Dance Workout you’ll love.      INSERT LINK HERE
You can easily dance to chart-topping country music…to songs like “Sideways”, “Footloose” and “Young and Crazy” The moves are so easy to follow and you’ll have such a blast dancing that you won’t want to stop.
The 7, color-coded containers, which give you your daily intake of food, are icing on the cake...no pun intended. These multi-sized units will hold the food you need, in exact portions, to control the amounts needed for both weight loss AND health. So simple…it’s a no-brainer to get your food ready.

With these containers, you WILL be back in control of your eating, without measuring spoons, cups or scales, having fun the easy way! If you don’t believe me, just check out Check out Barbara G’s, 25-pound weight loss here.       INSERT LINK HERE (TESTIMONIAL)

 You’ll get everything you need with your order…6 high-energy, low-impact Cowboy Stompin' DVD routines, step-by-step breakdown of all the moves, 7 color-coded containers, Shakeology Shaker Cup, Eating Plan and 30-day Calendar to keep you on track. Plus 24/7 support…

 You’ll be Eating, Drinking and Shrinking to the Music in No Time. Your friends won’t know what happened to you…a 20-pound loss looks like so much more when you tone. You will be receiving more compliments and reach your goal quicker.
Uncover that new you. Isn’t it nice to receive attention? It’s a proven fact that being healthy and toned can bring about stress relief, better sex drive, money savings and more friends. Just think of the possibilities…it’s a new year…make it a new you.

 Our Promise is EAT RIGHT and BURN MORE while having fun and without counting calories.

 As an extra special bonus, I’ve been given permission to offer FREE SHIPPING if you order within the next 3 days.   Click here and take advantage now.   INSERT LINK HERE
Dancing to music you love…eating foods your body wants…Do you know of a better way to have fun while getting healthy and losing weight?

 All the information is on the inside, so Order Today.

 I’ll meet you on the next page,

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