"4D's Copywriting crafted a 2-sided postcard for our office including all our information with a place to write patient appointments so we could use it in the office or send it out. We then hired them to do another for our D.O.T. licensing. They included a coupon on that, paying special attention to minor details I hadn't considered. 4D's took our ideas and went a step further. Thank you!" Dr. J Balen D.C., Sarasota, FL

 Review from the case booklet, Effect of the Ketogenic Diet on my Seizure Pet:

"This booklet is the product of Diane's diligence and faith in recovery for Bear who surpassed all expectations by reaching 10 years of age after a diagnosis of epilepsy at 7 months old. The book shares her story on Bear's road to recovery. There is no written recipe for ketogenic diets for dogs. This book is a must-read for anyone who has a pet or works with pets afflicted by refractory seizures.  I am honored to have been part of this road with Diane and Bear."  Anne Chauvet, DVM, DACVIM Neurology Certified Neurosurgery, Certified Arthrosplasty,  Pet International Neurology Consultants

"Tenacity. This quality [you have] is one of stick-to-it no matter adversity or profit. Keeping up, even when there is no immediate or near benefit to you, is remarkable.” — VF

“You are passionate and driven to go after what you want, regardless of the obstacles. When it comes to your writing, I can’t think of another person who invests as much time and energy to be the best at their craft. And you’re great at it.” — DW

 “You have a strong will, dedication, and conviction to a cause or ideas you believe in.” — JP

 “You are a caring and thoughtful individual who is always willing to help someone.” — NSB

​​​Why Us? 

 Diane Wallace ~ Alternative Health Copywriter

Care of Your Client is Our Business

 Check back January 2018 to be the first to receive a sneak preview of the new booklet on a case study of Veterinary epilepsy with the forward written by highly acclaimed, Dr. Anne Chauvet, DVM-DACVIM, known internationally for her work in the relatively rare field of Veterinary Neurology. Also, to see her blog posts and unique consultation approach check www.veterinaryneurology.net



See story about epileptic boxer- Let me share your stories of health triumphs and tribulations by contacting us below.

Ceative Understanding
     I'll never forget the day I moved to Sarasota, Florida from Ohio. All I could think of was, "Where are the trees?" For miles, there were what looked like sticks with fronds on top. We were barely moved in, and I already disliked it!

     At that time, Sarasota wasn't a favorite vacation destination. Disney World was not built. My home was surrounded by orange groves. The kids at school said I lived in “the sticks.” Sarasota had only two shopping centers! Most of the main streets were two lanes, and many of the secondary roads were dirt.

     Sometimes new conditions are blessings in disguise. A new location, job, boss, even a copywriter...a different view or opinion can be a good thing. Which is right? Which will be more beneficial? Where should changes be made? What needs to be kept the same?

     Do you want a simple email blast or a marketing funnel? Are you going to do a monthly newsletter? Would you be better off with a blog site with links? Should you promote your supplement with long copy or short sales letters? Should you apply your content across several platforms?
     Creative understanding is part of a copywriter’s job. Isn’t that a part of what you’d like me to do for you? More than happy.

     My sisters and I got used to our Florida home real quick. We didn't notice the stick trees anymore. Instead, we started seeing their varietal differences. The first winter we spent swimming in the Gulf while our winter friends hibernated in the snow. There were no more complaints because we were water skiing in the summer and lying on the beaches in the winter.

     Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. We're so wrapped up in the details of the day-to-day office workings that it is hard to stand back and envision. Often, all it takes is another set of eyes.

A Passion for Health
     Alternative health is my passion. I helped my father through his bout with cancer.  I've owned two organic vegetable and fruit co-ops. My husband and I own a sub-tropical fruit nursery. I managed a chiropractor’s office for six years. A booklet on the ketogenic diet for seizure pets will be coming out in 2018.
  Effect of Keto diet on seizure pet.docx

     Natural Health is both a concern and a connection for me. I am here for your B2C copywriting needs. Writing content for natural supplements, organic food sources, therapies, and weight control is a natural fit.

Creative Diligence
     Growing up with a father who worked two to three jobs so my mother could stay home and take care of his four little girls taught us diligence. He used to flip houses back in the late sixties and early seventies - way before it was a thing. He didn't make near the money they're bringing in today.

     Can you imagine three young girls holding drywall sheets up as he hammered them into wood strippings on the walls? How he'd encourage us - "another couple second girls" and "great job!" I used to wish my older sister was a boy so I wouldn't have to lift as much weight!

     I get my tenacity from Dad. Determination - the strength of purpose is what pushes a person forward. I remember the times when Dad would get "the look." The next statement from him would be, "this board is gonna have to come off." As much as we girls hated to hear those words, after the redo, Dad would step back shaking his head in approval...a big smile. It was worth the effort.

     With any job, preparation, feedback, and polishing make a product sparkle. It gives edge to a job well done and is what puts the leaders ahead of the pack. Working WITH YOU, the client, is necessary. I do the research, but listening to your input is vital.

My Path to Writing 
     As a career path, I worked 10-years at the power company, spent 13-years on a school's board and as vice president and secretary, and 6-years managing a Chiropractor's office.

     At 20-years old I began as a teller at the electric company. Things weren't going well with my balancing. The manager finally called me into his office. I couldn't tell him about my personal problems. We all have them. Life sometimes throws us a curve, right? He gave a final warning. 

  I went in the next morning, and I was never out of balance again. In fact, after many months, I was told there had never been a person who went as long as me "in-balance." Soon I had the job of reconciling the monthly bank statement for the entire district office.
     Sometimes it takes an awakening to shake ourselves of the downtrodden aspects of life. Sometimes even a little change can make a big impression.

        While at the doctor's office, responsibilities included managing a staff of seven people, serving as attorney liaison for accident cases, and writing correspondence messages and emails. The chiropractor, who was also a Naturopath, sold health supplements and some therapies. I am familiar with labeling requirements put forth by the National Institute of Health statute of the U.S. legislation - DSHEA.

           In 2015, becoming a part-time caregiver to find more time for writing gave me the chance to dive into copywriting. I took educational classes in creative writing at a technical school. I studied with American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), where I became a member of the Circle of Success. 

     Shortly after, as a published writer, I've done work in the natural health, veterinary, and freelance fields. My passion is to make a difference in the lives of you, my client, by finding your customers' pain points and acting upon them. It is all about finding what you need to get the job done.

Lingering in Mediocrity is Not an Option

     You want your words to explode off the pages. It's all about exceptional copy and marketing strategy for your alternative health business.

     You need to put your customers first with creative campaigns. Whether you have the announcement of a new health
supplement or traction device. It should sparkle. After all, your words emanate your beliefs, trust, and often guarantees.
     Expressing your most profound benefits, fused with style and purpose, is my priority. My goal is collaboration meeting your needs, partnered with desires, drafted into stimulating copy.


How do we do it?

 We find "The What" which is gouging your customers –
the problem keeping them up at night. 
We find "The Who" - that 10 % to 20% of customers
who comprise 80% of the revenue from your product.
Seize upon that customer base, and you WILL have a winning campaign!
Writing for Your Natural Health Company

Is the Focus of our Company ~
Your Clients



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  • Do you have in-house skills?
  • Are you up-to-date on these services?
  • Do you know how to incorporate SEO into your content?
  • Are you happy with the results you're receiving?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, then maybe it's time to make a change to your health writing services.

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