Pets are part of our family - Which is why I've written about my rescue boxers and share their stories of hardship.

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Millennials are waiting longer to start families, with child reproduction rates per capita being the lowest of any generation in recorded U.S. history.


On the other hand, the Global Pet Expo of 2015reported that a larger percentage of the 75 million U.S. Millennials (defined as ages 18 to 34) own a pet, compared to their older Baby Boomers. They are also more likely to own a dog or cat in the future - 75% more likely to get one while unmarried, without children.


In conclusion, a significant percentage of Millennials are becoming pet owners first, while waiting on previous customs. Just another reason to check out our next post on the new gear happening for pets. 

Check back January 2018 to be the first to receive a sneak preview of the new booklet on a case study of Veterinary epilepsy with theforward written by highly acclaimed, Dr. Anne Chauvet, DVM-DACVIM, known internationally for her work in the relatively rare field of Veterinary Neurology. Also, to see her blog post and unique consultation approach check

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4D's Copywriting crafted a 2-sided postcard for our office including all our information with a place to write patient appointments, so we could use it in office or send out. We then hired them to do another for our D.O.T. licensing. They included a coupon on that, paying special attention to minor details I hadn't considered. 4D's took our ideas and went a step further...Thank you!" Dr. J Balen D.C., Sarasota, FL

 Review from the case study booklet, The Effect of the Ketogenic Diet with Pets:

"This booklet is the product of her diligence and faith in recovery for Bear who surpassed all expectations by reaching 10 years of age after a diagnosis of epilepsy at 7 months old. The book shares her story on Bear's road to recovery. There is no written recipe for ketogenic diets for dogs. This book is a must read for anyone who has a pet or works with pets afflicted by refractory seizures.  I am honored to have been part of this road with Diane and Bear."  Anne Chauvet, DVM, DACVIM Neurology Certified Neurosurgery, Certified Arthrosplasty,  Pet

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