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Alternative Health Content -

Caring for People and Pets

Count on us for attention in the arena of Natural Health Services, including natural supplements, organic food sources, and weight control.

In the pet health care field, we're excited to be writing about the new and evolving pet-tech product innovations, food sources and new diet finds (see our upcoming booklet for seizure pets).  


Because our web content and hard copy services have its sweet spot in persuasive, long form sales letters in the niche of Natural Health for both people and pets, expect updated research woven throughout your copy. 

Your online content should be written incorporating SEO and SMO. Blogs, Newsletters, Emails, Booklets, Case Studies, and E-Books should come to life on the pages, or you won't get the results or the lead generation that you expect.

Resumes are often an overlooked art. It is vital to get all pertinent information on two pages (or less), and it doesn't just depend on your work history.

Your resume is the place to show what you have done, without glamorizing your wording with the over-use of adjectives or the "me" principle.  Save that for your interview.

Let us help you hone the pertinent facts, remove what isn't necessary, and accentuate the positives.

You did not spend four or more years on a college degree, or worse yet - major debt, to take a less than exceptional job, right? Your goal should be to strive for the highest position within your realm of expertise, with room to grow. Then, all you can do is move up.

Contact us, for a complimentary interview so we can discuss your particulars. Fifteen minutes of your time should let us both know if this is what you need.

We are here to help you! Diane